Gigi Gerstenberger - Founder & CEO

Meraki Business Solutions, founded by Gigi Gerstenberger, is a business solutions and services company headquartered in Medina, Ohio. Gigi is a driven individual with a global mindset, strong interpersonal skills, project management expertise and extensive experience with global corporations. She is a connector, advocate and excellent communicator, particularly regarding items for which she has passion. Coupled with excellent organizational skills and attention to detail, her diverse background has afforded her the opportunity to gain perspective on many diverse environments and company cultures.


Gigi earned a Bachelor of Business and an MBA with concentrations on Marketing and Human Resources, but a big part of her education has been life experience. Her basis for international experience first started when she was an exchange student in England at 15. She has continued her career in global corporations for twenty years. She has hosted exchange students and mentors students and host families in the US on exchange, even today. She has created a woman’s charity network, held the Membership Chair for the Richfield Chamber of Commerce and been on employee and community boards of various kinds. Furthermore, she has traveled to twenty-seven countries with every intention of visiting more. These travels have afforded her insights into cultures, practices, languages, methodologies and the hearts and beliefs of people domestic and abroad.


Leaving the corporate world to use her creativity and skills to help companies reach their goals brings her great pride. But this move also allows her the flexibility to engage on an even greater level with various communities. If you have a particular need, chances are Gigi has the experience and skills to help.

Gigi Gerstenberger