Marketing Strategy:

One year plan broken down monthly, weekly, daily relative to social media, events, drip campaigns, email campaigns, cold call campaigns, special offers, events, etc.

Gigi Gerstenberger, MBA


Unique ideas for hosting others in your space or another

Joint Events with a complimentary business/product

Events for your employees, teambuilders, employee day, Bring Your Child to Work Day


Timetable and content for reaching out to customers, community, employees

Phone, email, in person, events, flyers, why networking matters

Community Liaison:

Attend networking, Chambers of Commerce, Events on your behalf, provide marketing material to others

Product Ambassador:

Present, use and share on social media, various ways to promote product

Gigi Gerstenberger - Meraki Business Solutions

Training Development and Implementation:

Creating or enhancing onboarding for your employees

Streamlining process

Training Assistants/Specialists/Receptionists for greater responsibility and impact in your organization

Do you have key employees that have more capability but no training plan for their level.

You offer Admin I, II and III levels 

but no definition as to what it takes to get to there.

Having extensive experience supporting C-Suite executives I can help train your staff

  • thinking out of the box
  • taking ownership of the role and the team
  • event organization
  • making meetings efficient and how to run them
  • domestic and global travel

  • proactive thinking alongside your superior
  • adding responsibility to support roles
  • presenting and presentations
  • becoming a link to the community
  • customer interaction
  • managing a team / other assistants in external plants or one location
  • ways you can make an impact in a support role by managing special projects
  • being the eyes and ears for your superior
  • confidentiality
  • writing and communication style
  • walking the line between employee and executive team
  • being the gatekeeper
  • gathering marketing info on competitors for management
  • receptionists are the face of the company – utilize them
  • reaching out to hotels, restaurants, airports for key contacts
  • managing multiple direct reports in various locations or in a HQ
  • streamlining your processes
  • global relationships with peers and superiors
  • being the key contact
  • topic and position specific to your organization

Employee Training

Will work with your staff to ensure the confidence and knowledge to assume this responsibility in your organization. Train your employees for this invaluable responsibility.

Issues specific to your organization – let’s talk.