Passionate Performance

Meraki = a Greek word meaning to leave a part of your soul in the work you do.

Welcome to Meraki Business Solutions

Dynamic professional with 20 years’ experience in the global automotive and robotics manufacturing, information technology, medical and legal industries. Extensive C-Suite support and involvement in various roles. Proven interpersonal and communication skills to successfully link leadership with employees, community and customers. Passionate about processes improvement with a focus on people and development. At Meraki we want to work with you to achieve your business goals but are also available to provide training and development for your personnel. We can help teach them to manage events, marketing, communications, greater community and corporate involvement or be product ambassadors. One area specifically we believe can absolutely be a game changer for your firm is training your Administrative Assistant, Secretary, Receptionist, or Specialist roles to take on greater responsibility, interaction, presentation skills, decision making authority on specific items, travel management, competitor information, creative ideas in communications, newsletters and so much more. To think proactively and work alongside co-workers and superiors domestically and globally as an integral and imperative part of your network. Have a unique need specific to your business? We are happy to discuss how we can help. Contact us for a brief consultation on how we can best be of assistance.

Gigi Gerstenberger – Founder & CEO of Meraki Business Solutions

My Services Include:

  • Marketing Strategy
  • Communications
  • Community Liaison / Events
  • Product Rep / Sales
  • C-Suite Special Projects
  • Process Development and Improvement
  • Training Assistants for greater responsibility and impact in your organization
  • Training Development and Implementation

Issues specific to your organization – let’s talk.